The Fact About Brooklyn Nine-Nine Seasons 1-5 That No One Is Suggesting

Это заставило Морнингстара отказаться от любви к ней. Бывшая супруга Дэна Эспиносы, у них есть общая дочь Трикси. В третьем сезоне завела роман с новым лейтенантом участка Маркусом Пирсом, но в итоге выбрала Люцифера. В последние моменты сезона увидела Люцифера в его истинном облике и осознала правдивость его утверждений о себе. Изначально боялась облика Люцифера, но в конечном итоге приняла его. В финале четвёртого сезона призналась Люциферу, что любит его.

Chloe Decker can be a homicide detective and member from the L.A.P.D. She very first met Lucifer when she was investigating a murder at Lux, the nightclub that he owns. The two later on grow to be associates when Lucifer is hired to be a police advisor.

His cameo visual appeal is ready within the five-yr gap following his arrival on Earth and before the events of his very own series.

At a zombie-themed marriage ceremony, photographs from an unseen supply wound the groom and eliminate the bride. Chloe and Dan look into and Lucifer afterwards comes hung over, continue to shaken from exterminating Uriel. Chloe reluctantly agrees to Permit Maze acquire Trixie out trick-or-treating so she will be able to continue on Doing work the situation. Maze reveals part of her real experience to Trixie and Trixie thinks This is a costume. Amenadiel visits Charlotte, who praises just how he has often carried out what his Father asked. Amenadiel then starts to criticize God for permitting every little thing which includes took place towards the loved ones.

Chloe, Dan, and Lucifer look into a younger female's lifeless human body observed discarded in the woods. The lady incorporates a triangle-shaped stamp on her wrist which turns into a essential clue if they uncover A further female target with the same stamp. With Chloe frustrated above her pending divorce, Maze, Dr. Martin, and Ella consider her to the bar for girls night. Chloe sees a person who's got the triangle stamp on his wrist and shortly learns the stamp emanates from an underground sex club.

Amenadiel tries to converse some perception into his mother. Chloe gets distressing news about a case. Lucifer can take the witness stand.

This may enable Everybody who really should Focus on the new season to obtain back to work far more easily and shoot to get a debut day in early August.

Дочь Хлои и Дэна, школьница. Более серьёзна, чем полагается в её возрасте. Познакомилась с Люцифером случайно в школе, когда он ей посоветовал, как решить конфликт с одноклассницей, позже они подружились с главным героем, хотя обычно тот недолюбливает детей.

Just after Finding out that Pierce intends to skip city, Lucifer discovers that he wishes to die and experienced Beforehand set himself and Chloe at risk hoping to become killed right after Understanding that Lucifer is vulnerable all over Chloe. Wild Baby tells Dan that the gang experienced almost nothing to try and do with the murder and Chloe deduces that the "homeowners" from Supergirl tv series the Seaside had been framing them. Linda tells Amenadiel that she's not comfortable dating him because of Maze's objections, However they kiss and Maze sees them. Lucifer can make a offer with Pierce to finish his life.

Deep down under his assured exterior, Lucifer seems for being rather insecure regarding the everlasting marks on his back again (from in which his angelic wings was once) and implores Chloe not to the touch them, briefly exhibiting an uncharacteristic gentleness and psychological vulnerability.

Lucifer's Stanford-educated psychotherapist, who at first accepts "payments" from him in the form of list of 800 Words episodes sex. Like Nearly Absolutely everyone else, Dr. Martin won't get what Lucifer states at face worth, and at the outset thinks that Lucifer is utilizing a religious metaphor to describe himself and his dysfunctional relatives relationships, until he reveals his real self in season 2, which leaves her visibly shaken.

Celestial Metabolism: Even though Lucifer might be influenced by brain-altering substances, his tolerance for them is way larger than that of a human. He's capable of consume huge portions of Alcoholic beverages and medicines without adverse results. The consequences also have on off much faster than with mortals, making it possible for him Supergirl show to sober up promptly immediately after use has finished, as evidenced in Monster, wherever Lucifer complains that his "pesky supernatural metabolism retains finding in the way" when he's trying to drown his emotions pertaining to Uriel.

Сдружилась с Хлоей, к которой во втором сезоне переехала жить. Изначально работала барменом в клубе Люцифера, но во втором сезоне стала охотницей за головами. Также дружит с Линдой, к которой вначале ходила на психологические сеансы. В третьем сезоне захотела вернуться в Ад, но получила отказ и в результате предала Люцифера, но под конец сезона помирилась с ним. Влюблена в Еву.

Kinley is killed by Eve and subsequently possessed from the demon Dromos who wants to provide Lucifer back to hell.

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